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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Chef?

A Personal Chef is a culinary professional who creates and prepares customized menus for their clients. The meals are prepared, packaged and stored ready for the client to enjoy at a time that fits into their schedule. They differ from private chefs in that they serve more than one client. They differ from caterers as they prepare food in a commercial kitchen and deliver to the client.

Who could use a Personal Chef service?

You don't have to be rich and famous to have a personal chef. Many people are too busy to cook or don't have the ability and are looking for someone to help. Anyone can benefit from from the various services offered; busy families, professional singles, working couples, seniors, new mothers and more.

Have you gone to Culinary school?

 I have been cooking for as long as I can remember. I love to cook. Although I am not a professionally trained chef, I cook delicious home cooked meals for family and friends all the time. I regularly have dinner parties and the food is always enjoyed. A personal chef service is not only about the delicious food but the time saved for the client. It's about preparing delicious, healthy meals for you and your family to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.​

What does a standard service mean?

The standard service is for 10 days worth of food. These 10 meals are eaten on your schedule. Whether it be within 2 weeks or a month. You choose 5 meals and enough servings are made to cover those 10 days. The meals on the standard service menu are customized to suit you and your family. Specialized diets as well as more expensive cuts of meat and fish can also be accommodated. Additional charges may apply.

I have food sensitivities, can you accommodate me?

The menus are specific to the client. I cater to all food sensitivities (ie allergies to nuts, dairy, gluten etc). I also cater to specific diets including low salt, vegetarian and vegan.

How are the meals prepared?

I prepare the meals and deliver to you. All groceries are freshly sourced and prepared the day of your cook day. They are then cooled and packaged and refrigerated until it is time to deliver. The delivery time is at a time that is convenient for you. If you would prefer I prepare the meals in your kitchen that can certainly be arranged. It's all about the convenience for you.

How will the meals be packaged.

I use the aluminum containers with lids that can be frozen  These containers can be microwaved and can also be put straight into the oven.

How often do I need a personal chef?

Whether it be a bi-weekly, monthly, or a "when you need me" service, I am here to make your life easier. There is no set schedule that you need to follow. The only thing to remember is you get 10 meals each time.

Do you cook for single people? How does that work with your service?

Whether you are a single professional or a senior living by themselves, this service will work for you. I cook the standard two week service that I would cook for a couple, but instead of getting 10 meals, you get 20. That's a months worth of food!

Do you cater private events?

Yes, I cater small dinner parties, birthdays, corporate events. Call for details.

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